Treski Küün is located in the heart of Setomaa which is an area in South-Estonia with a rich culture. There's lots to discover here!

Find the most up to date info on the Visit Setomaa webpage (click me!).

What to do in Setomaa? Here are our favourites👇🏼
1️⃣ Visit the museums of Setomaa (Värska farm museum, Saatse ja Obinitsa museums). Learn more HERE.
2️⃣ Definitely check out iloõdak, a night of seto song and dance. Watch and listen to others and maybe even learn something yourself!
3️⃣ Enjoy a boat ride on Lämmijärv with Seto Line. More info and tickets HERE.
4️⃣ Meremäe viewing tower - take a look over the whole Setomaa and Petseri monastery.
5️⃣ Enjoy mud baths, treatments and clean nature in Värska Spa.
6️⃣ Listen to local bands Zetod, Kiiora and Klapp.
7️⃣ If you get a chance, visit Seto Kingdom Day and Seto Pop-up Cafe Day.
8️⃣ Make sure you try Seto home-made handsa, an alcoholic drink. It is usually offered at every event taking place in Setomaa. Just ask and you will get some!
9️⃣ You have to visit Treski Küün at least once during the summer.
🔟 Try traditional seto cuisine - in Obinitsa Cafe Taarka Tarõ..
1️⃣1️⃣ If you want to walk around Setomaa with someone who knows the area, book a guide. We recommend Helen Külvik, learn more about her HERE.